Allied Health

CarolinaEast Health System in New Bern, North Carolina has plenty of opportunities in Allied Health. You'll be joining a top-notch medical center that has the latest diagnostic imaging, physical therapy center, cardiac care and more. You will be supported to pursue your goals and enjoy a lovely family type setting. New Bern, North Carolina is a small community near the water and with good schools. Advance your career with CarolinaEast Health System.

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Video Transcript:
Good morning guys, how's it going? Did you get the frozen to the pathologist? Good, ease it down. Good job. CarolinaEast Health System is comprised of a 350-bed medical center, we have a rehab hospital, we have an outpatient imaging center, we have an outpatient surgery center, we own the heart center cardiology practice. I would challenge you to find an organization with the sophistication and complexity we have in a community this size anywhere else. You're going to be very impressed with the technology that you're going to find. All of our equipment is automated and that is huge for us. We have a fantastic instrument stainer. We can put three racks on at a time. It coverslips it for us. With the Pixis unit the nurse can go put the patient's name and get the medication out and give it to the patient within 5 minutes from when we put it in the computer. It has allowed patient care to happen quicker. A new PET CT, three nuclear medicine cameras, a new MRI, a new cardiac cath lab. I could go on. Our diagnostic center is physically connected to our surgery center, so it allows us for those needle localizations for those patients to go directly from our diagnostic center into the operating room at our outpatient surgery center. Technology always helps you when you are trying to deliver care to a growing population. Every specimen that comes into that lab, you treat it as if it were your family member. Patient care is the reason I am a physical therapist. We treat the patient as a whole patient and there's a lot of different dynamics that they are going through. Giving them the utmost care, making sure their medications are correct, the doses are correct, it's being given correctly, providing information, treating patients with respect and dignity. It is a real privilege to get to lead the caliber staff that I get to work with every day. The people I work with are enthusiastic, determined, fun-loving, dedicated and willing to go that final step to accomplish patient care. They're your best friends, we have a good time. There's a good working rapport. There's humor, there's energy. We look out for one another. All of the equipment in the world couldn't take care of patients if we didn't have that great staff. The hospital is very intertwined with the community. I always see people that I've treated out in the community. It's nice to see how they are doing. We understand our mission and we work hard to keep the community's trust. New Bern has a lot to offer. It is a small community. We're close to the water. The downtown area is just so much fun, shopping and hanging out. New Bern is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. We're staying on top of things; we're on the cutting edge. It's like a family. They stand behind you and encourage you to move forward and make changes and do things differently. It helps you provide better care. It would certainly be the chance for you to come and advance and move forward and learn and grow. We are passionate care. We are passionate care. We are leading technology. We are leading technology. We are Carolina East Health System.