Executive Director

Executive Directors are vital to ensuring Brightview Senior Living is a great place to live and a great place to work. The Executive Director leads and directs the day to day operations of the Community assuring the implementation of hospitality, personal care and enriching programs to achieve a vibrant lifestyle for our residents.

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Video Transcript:
We're dealing with people and their lives. The residents, the associates they all become an extension of your own family. I'm Deanna Distasio, Executive Director with Brightview Senior Living. My job is to be a leader in a community serving residents. I hire, I train, I ensure the residents safety, that they are receiving excellent services and care from our associates. Working in the office will be a part of it as well, managing the financials, doing budgeting and working with the department heads. We're able to provide programs that the residents can take part in throughout the day whether it's in the theater watching a movie, going to a dinner, lunch whatever it might be. We really want to promote health and independence in the community. All of us executive directors come from different backgrounds. As long as you have the compassion and the dedication and the commitment to make a community and make a difference in people's lives, that's what we're looking for. We have a program that if you are interested in growing in the company it's called The Talent Development Plan that allows folks to be coached and supported in order to achieve a level of a role that they want to. Being able to really create a community that has wonderful associates and residents and that we're delivering excellent care to all of them is what motivates me and makes me proud to be in the role that I'm in.