At Brightview Senior Living, our communities are filled with caring and compassionate associates who take great pride in making a difference in the lives of our residents each day. Join us and you'll discover a rewarding career as a part of a team of passionate professionals who feel great about the work they do and the people they do it with. Brightview is simply a great place to live and a great place to work.

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I look at all my residents and they're my residents. You know, I may just be a driver, but they're mine. I treat them with the utmost respect. Live vibrant. Making connections and building relationships is really one of the perks of the job. Associates as well as our residents talk about this true sense of family. Live vibrant. We are vibrant people creating vibrant communities. You're going to see it right away. Live vibrant. I get from Brightview what I couldn't get anywhere else. I enjoy my job working with people. I think Brightview is a great company to work for. Live vibrant. Brightview Senior Living is a Baltimore based company composed of communities ranging from Virginia to Massachusetts that run the gamut from independent living to assisted living and care for people with Alzheimer's and other memory care issues. Our mission is to create vibrant communities that are a great place for people to live and a wonderful place for people to work. There are a large range of positions available at Brightview senior living from dining to health services as well as our department directors. I'm happy to be a program assistant at Brightview. I get residents all riled up. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. To keep our residents upbeat and vibrant, we do a lot of fun things to keep them active, and you know, keep their minds working. What I do is transportation for two buildings. I try to cater to anything they need more than just driving. Ya, there you go, now let it go! If they need someone to fix their TV or computer or just sit down and hang out with them. That's what I do. When I first started at Brightview Senior Living I had no experience with senior living but it just exceeded my expectations because of the fact that we have impact. That's the kind of environment we want to create here where people don't just view what they do as a job or "this is my function." We want them to understand that their purpose is so much more. STARS is the core values at Brightview. It stands for service, teamwork, action, reputation and success. And It's really everything that Brightview embodies. I won the stars award because you know I take pride in our residents. If you have potential, it will be recognized and you can move up. We really want to make sure from the get-go on day one that associates recognize that this is a great place to work and that we want to take advantage of their talents and their skills and their abilities. What makes us unique and why people choose Brightview is because they can come here and really have a voice. Unlike a lot of public companies, we really have control over our destiny. We're building a long-term operating company. I think that's something that all of our associates find reassuring, and they can really believe in. The Talent Development Plan allows associates to tell us what they think that their strengths are, where they're opportunities are for growth and development really what they want to do with the company. To get into a program to train me into something else where my passion might be or where my talents lie is very exciting. What makes a successful associate at Brightview is someone who really is passionate about what they do in this business. To bring that home every day and feel like you've really touched someone else's life in doing what you love to do. When I take a few days off and I come back and the residents tell me how much they miss me, that just melts my heart.