Occupational Therapist

Make a career for life at Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport, Connecticut. As an occupational therapist you are given an opportunity to pursue your goals. You can have input on patient care. Bridgeport Hospital is a place where you are always learning, practice collaborative care and are respected by your colleagues. Come join our family at Bridgeport Hospital.

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Video Transcript:
As an occupational therapist at Bridgeport Hospital, my main job is to make the patient as independent as possible. My name is Meghan MacDonald and I have a career for life. I love my job because I go home and I feel a value to a patient. I wake the patient up and we would start off the day like they would start off at home. We have a kitchen facility where they are able to maneuver around and then as they are ready for the day they would go off to their physical therapy treatment or speech therapy treatment. This is called the Arjo Ed, it has been working very well with our patients. The Arjo Stander is our new equipment that we got about a year ago. It helps the patient stand without us having to physically stand them. Okay, are you dizzy at all? I feel that I am giving the skills that they need to be as independent as possible in their home. The team that we have is nothing that you are going to find anywhere else. We are all able to work together nicely and we have to in order to give the patient the best most collaborative care as possible. The relationships that I make with my team, the relationships that I make with patients is definitely a reason to come work at Bridgeport Hospital.