Nurse Educator

Make a career for life as a registered nurse at Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Ken came to Bridgeport Hospital as a new nurse and enjoyed mentoring so much he decided to become a nurse educator or resource nurse. He works in new Emergency Department and gets great satisfaction out of knowing that he helps saves a lives.

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Video Transcript:
As Nurse Educator in the Emergency Department here at Bridgeport Hospital, I am responsible for all the new hires we get as well as all the current staff, as a resource for them. My name is Ken Forte and I have a career for life. In my role I have both office work and clinical work that I do. I am there as a resource, they can just call me up and I can come over there help them walk through any steps that they might need. I started here as a new grad back in 2000. I became very well trained and work with the ER nurse for probably about 5 years and then I started mentoring a lot of people and decided that I really like the teaching aspect of it. What is going on with this patient here? The ER is a great place to work. Very fun crowd, everybody is always happy. We do have an amazing new department. It is state of the art, hotel quality. A lot of the nurses were asked to be on the committee to help design the department based on our needs. It is a completely new experience now. I don't think you can walk into an ER in the state of Connecticut and be wowed in the same way that you will when you walk into our department. One of the great things about working in the emergency department is the satisfaction that you get at the end of the day. There are not many jobs where you can go home and say: I helped save a life today. That is just amazing. Careers for Life.