Clinical Pharmacist

Make a career for life at Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport Connecticut. As a clinical pharmacist you are given an opportunity to pursue your goals. You will gain valuable experience as you do daily rounds with a team of doctors and specialists throughout the different treatment units. At Bridgeport Hospital you are always learning, seeing new ideas and will become the resource for pharmaceutical treatment of patients. Come experience respect and pride at Bridgeport Hospital.

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Video Transcript:
As a pharmacist at Bridgeport Hospital, I work closely with Doctors and Nurses to make sure patients get the most appropriate care. My name is Nick Hawrysz and I have a career for life. I came in with the intention of getting hospital experience and in order to pursue a residency the following year and I realized that you know I got enough clinical practice here to pursue what I really want to do. It is a collaborative practice. It is pharmacists working with doctors, nurses. We round twice a day. It is very helpful to be on the floors. If there is a problem you can actually go up to that nurse or that doctor. You are always learning, you are always meeting new people, you are always seeing new ideas and the health care profession is ever changing. Do you know when chest tubes will be taken out or? One week you can be in oncology and the next week you can be in the surgery of ICU and then you can see something totally different on the medical ICU. I am very happy with my job. I feel like I have a purpose. I definitely come to work every day knowing that something different might come of today. Careers for Life.