Careers at Bridgeport Hospital

Make a career for life at Bridgeport Hospital. You are given an opportunity to pursue your goals. Professionals collaborate with one another and respect one another as patients come first. There is a new emergency department, upgraded technology and digital technology. You will be encouraged to continue your education and there is tuition reimbursement. Come experience respect and pride at Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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Video Transcript:
Clinical pharmacist. Medical technologist. Registered Nurse, Orthopedics, Neurology, Urology. Occupational therapist. Radiologic technologist. Nurse Educator, Emergency Department. Careers for life. Careers for life means we grow our own. When you put the time into your people, what you put in is what you get back. Patients always come first. We want everyone to say that our care is exceptional. We want that "wow" when we go into a patients room. We care for them from infancy, from our new born ICU which is one of the only ones in Fairfield county all the way up to our geriatrics program. This is the place to come. This is the only burn center from New York to Boston. It is a level two trauma center, it is chest pain center, a stroke center, we have a lot of credintials and we can handle pretty much anything that comes through the door. Hi Ruth does bed 17 still have those chest tubes in? I came here and they gave me such an opportunity right in the beginning to pursue what I really wanted to do. Exactly how to be a clinical pharmacist. Bridgeport hostspital, it is a great place for an occupational therapist. Good balance Julia. With the amazing facility and up-to-date facility that we have. Also the collaboration of the doctors and nurses. I enjoy the physicians at Bridgeport Hospital. Very often times they will come down and share things that they've learn with us. Patient's treatment depends a lot upon lab results. There is an excellent relationship between the nursing staff and the physicians here. Once you see the flash you are going to be advancing the needle. We have a bunch of protocols that have been established that allow the nurses to have a great deal of autonomy. Through collaborative practice and through working as closely as we can, we give these patients the best opportunity, in order to get as healthy as they can as fast as they can. Bridgeport hospital truly offers tremendous outcomes in patient care. We are ahead of the curve in many aspects of the technology that we provide. Fantastic. We have just opened our new emergency department. We are upgrading many of the radiological capabilities. We have our new radiographic and floroscopic room. It is all digital. I am proud to work in that room and take care of that room and to teach that room. It is state of the technology. We are going to document a patient's intake and output. We are trained on it. We get oriented on it. There is so much to know about everything. There's always educational opportunities. It's very important to continue education. We have a number of programs here such as tuition reimbursement. I am currently getting my masters. People are happy with their jobs here. They are happy with the way that they are treated. There is a true sense of respect and pride, there is open communication and you will see the warmth when you walk through the hallways. At Bridgeport Hospital I definitely enjoy coming to work everyday. It is my family. It is my family. For everything that I have gone through in my entire life, the people here have been here for me and I love it. It's my home. We believe in growing our own, we believe in making our own people successful and giving them the tools and the skills that they need. I feel like I have a purpose: to make patients happy, to make families at ease, to make patients realize that the hospital is here to help them. We are here to make patients get better.