AMF provides a full sensory entertainment experience through interactive nightlife, exciting special events, extraordinary service, and gourmet food and beverage. Thrive in a culture of self-motivated, passionate people who have created a successful, team-oriented work environment.
In an organization where every voice counts, Bowlmor AMF's supportive structure provides an opportunity for personal and professional development through organic growth and internal promotions.

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Video Transcript:
I think that working for this kind of company in industry is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. And the environment is fast paced, there's always something different going on. As soon as I walk through the door, it takes a lot of energy. Being the general manager of an entertainment center is not just dealing with the guests and dealing with associates there's so many responsibilities from dealing and negotiating deals with vendors and managing the food and beverage aspect of the business and making sure that every day we're serving the best food and the best beverages so the general manager is responsible for all of those things as well as the office tasks like managing your P&L and making sure your bottom line is meeting the goals and the budgets of the company as they send them out to you. The people that really like us the most and the people that are most successful with us are managers who really take ownership of their business and really have a key focus for managing a P&L and they have a key focus for paying attention to business trends and cost trends and we really do foster them and prepare them to have the right tools they need to be able to run their business.