Bayer HealthCare

Bayer is hiring MBA candidates for its Consumer Care division. Bayer Consumer Care has a full-time MBA recruiting program and a summer internship program for marketing. These recruiting programs ensure that we attract the very best and develop future leaders. Watch this job and career recruitment video to learn about the role of Associate Brand Manager and Assistant Brand Manager at Bayer. You will also find that as a member of the Bayer Consumer Care marketing department you will learn the best way to market consumer packaged goods and will discover that your ideas are valued here and you can make an impact early on. Bayer also offers a friendly culture with opportunities for community involvement and room for career advancement.

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Video Transcript:
Bayer Consumer Care is a division of Bayer Healthcare and we’re the leading OTC company in the world. At Bayer we look for people who are smart, hungry, and humble. They’ve taken their education very seriously. We really look for people who can make a difference, people that really want to be part of a winning team in a global corporate environment. One of the reasons I love working in this industry and for Bayer specifically is because I find the purpose very aspirational and very inspirational. The purpose is to help improve lives. Marketing of healthcare products is CPG marketing but what we overlay on top of that is the element of healthcare and using our marketing strength to actually make a positive difference in people's lives. Bayer can offer prospective candidates amazing world renowned brands to work on, as well as progression into multiple places in the organization, here in the U.S. as well as globally. When you first start at Bayer as an Assistant Brand Manager you’ll most likely going to be responsible for the financials, you’ll be involved in consumer promotion and activation and then as you progress to an Associate Brand Manager you’ll be involved much more in the strategy of advertising, digital and then as a Brand Manager you’ll start managing an Assistant Brand Manager as well as being responsible for more of the strategic pieces like trade strategy, consumer promotions strategy as well as the forecasting. I started here at Bayer as an Intern and I’ve really had the ability through my career to work on a number of different brands with different business challenges and different categories and each of those has really helped me to further develop my business expertise as well as really grow as a leader throughout my time here at Bayer. I think Bayer has one of the best new employee programs that I’ve been a part of. There’s a great balance of immersing someone in the business and training them but also giving them room to grow and develop and learn on their own. One of the bigger things is diversity of thinking. Being able to take your background, where you come from, what you’ve done in your life, your experiences and actually bring in some different thinking to the table. One Bayer is a slogan that we’ve had for years from the times when our early roots when we were small to today when we’re the number one OTC company. What it means is that we all work together as one group against common objectives and we support each other. All the functions are here to work together all the brands are here to work together to really achieve the business results and drive the business forward as much as possible. Bayer has one hundred and seventy brands globally. Brands like Afrin and Coricidin and Claritin. Many of the brands in our portfolio are household names like Aleve and Bayer and Alka-Seltzer Plus and Miralax and Coppertone and Dr. Scholl's. These are brands that as new marketers coming in you’ve got a wonderful time to build from wonderful rich equities and make these brands last and build into the future.