AT&T Sky's The Limit

Build your career at AT&T. In this video you will see that the sky is the limit at AT&T. Hear from employees who enjoy a great culture, superb benefits and a team atmosphere at the telecom company. There are a variety of opportunities available in disciplines such as finance, marketing, sales, training, customer support and technician. Learn about how you can grow your career at AT&T.

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Video Transcript:
I really wanted to go somewhere where I could build a career. The morale is really good, it's almost like a family. It's definitely a place where someone who's looking to get a good foundation and to learn and grow with the company. If you're looking for a challenge a great job, great benefits, great pay this is the place to be. You work with a lot of great people. I feel pride any time anyone asks me, where do you work and I get to say AT&T. We are a family and that's what we take in each and every day. It's definitely a team atmosphere with a little bit of healthy competition. We have a very diverse work group, we have all ages, all nationalities, backgrounds so it's definitely a fun place to be. If you're a people person, you're really going to like it. You have to have a happy personality, you have to be a good person and if that's the type you are and that's the kind of community you want to work in, this is the place you should be in. I personally enjoy what I do, I believe in our products and our services, it's not something that I'm just pushing on people, we actually have the best service. It's endless where you can go in this company, we have all types of opportunities, finance, marketing, sales, training. Wherever you want to go our company has a position for you. It's a great career opportunity and that's the big word, career. There's endless possibilities, great retirement, great benefits. It's just an awesome company to work for, I really enjoy it.
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