AT&T Career Development Programs

AT&T leads the way in which we develop technology, and in the ways we develop people. These opportunities will help you develop skills, gain insight and have fun, while preparing you to launch an amazing career. We'll give you the means, but it's up to you to pave your way. We're looking for students and new graduates in general, with specific experience, education and mobility requirements for each development program.

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Video Transcript:
We are interested in attracting and retaining the absolute best of the best. They want to develop us as the future leaders of the company. We're definitely not your mother and father's telephone company. We're now an innovation company. Give yourself a chance and come work for AT&T it's a special place. Rethink possible. Everybody knows the caliber of people that come through the training program. Each one of these programs are very unique. They offer a college student the ability to come into our business and get exposure and growth that you would not be able to get in companies outside of AT&T. Corporate wide leadership development program, finance leadership development program, development programs geared specifically towards technology part of the business. We have various sales leadership programs. An incredible opportunity to go out and really put some time and effort into yourself and invest in your future. I wouldn't trade the experience, the exposure, the people that I get to work with, everybody here is just phenomenal. We have an opportunity with the assets that we've collected, with the innovative personnel that we have to really touch peoples' lives. We're not just about picking up the phone and talking to someone else anymore, we're about communication between all things. Without a doubt AT&T has some of the top notch technical talent. They're some of the most dedicated, hard working leaders that I have ever had the opportunity to meet and work with. The greatest satisfaction that I take away from work is that I'm learning every day. By having AT&T University, there's a focus on training and career development. We have leaders across every area of the business that are graduates of the program. If you come in and you deliver and you perform and you excel then you will have a very bright future at AT&T. I don't plan to ever leave AT&T and the reason is simple, there is so much opportunity within this company. The personal financials are excellent, the benefits are excellent, probably most importantly is the people. It's a culture of collaboration. Each morning when I see AT&T there's absolutely a sense of pride because I get a chance to be a part of that. The development programs at AT&T are going to give you a platform to launch your career. The caliber of leadership at the Leadership Development Program with AT&T is just unmatched by anything I have ever seen. It's the best of the best. If you want to build a career then there's no better place to do that than AT&T.
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