AT&T Network Engineering Technical Development Program

This program will guide new hires in the right direction to learn about technology and about the business. AT&T leads the way in which we develop technology, and in the ways we develop people. These opportunities will help you develop skills, gain insight and have fun, while preparing you to launch an amazing career. We'll give you the means, but it's up to you to pave your way. We're looking for students and new graduates in general, with specific experience, education and mobility requirements for each development program.

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Video Transcript:
It's cool for me to be sitting at my computer and working on something that directly impacts people's lives. My name is Danny Wolf, I am a Network Design Engineer in the NETDP Program here at AT&T. I went to Duke University. I did a Master's of Engineering Management. We are actually contributing to the work here but we are also in training and learning our way around. The program consists of two rotations, each of 12 to 24 months and the whole program will take about 3 years. I design the network, so the cell towers and the cell sites, basically improving people's bars on their cell phones. My name is Francisca Wijaya and am a Network Designer within AT&T in the NETDP program. I went to Georgia Tech in Industrial Engineering. This is a great opportunity. We have a monthly meeting with the leadership within AT&T. To learn about their department, about the business and how they actually connect. I don't have a background with wireless technology and I feel like I am learning every day. This development program will guide me in the right direction to learn about the technology, to learn about the business. You get to meet a ton of new people and you get to move around to different areas as you advance. I'm honored to be able to learn from the best people within AT&T. I enjoy working for AT&T improving the network having that kind of real impact on so many people's everyday lives.
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