AT&T Innovation

The innovation pipeline is a really great opportunity for employees within AT&T. AT&T leads the way in which we develop technology, and in the ways we develop people. These opportunities will help you develop skills, gain insight and have fun, while preparing you to launch an amazing career. We'll give you the means, but it's up to you to pave your way. We're looking for students and new graduates in general, with specific experience, education and mobility requirements for each development program.

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Video Transcript:
If you're a prospective employee looking at AT&T, the thing that you should feel very comfortable about is there is not another company, not only in the United States but arguably in the world, that has the level of technology and the technology that's on the forefront of development and innovation like AT&T. Everyone truly has a say in AT&T. The innovation pipeline is a really great opportunity for employees within AT&T. They're really allowing us to make innovative decisions within our group, within our company. You can put in your ideas, people can vote, people will give you feedback. Sometimes the idea that you've come up with is something that's actually being implemented elsewhere. I'm currently working with a group to come up with patent ideas and one of the things we're working on is trying to develop a way to prevent people from texting and driving. We're kind of working through that but we have some ideas that we submitted to T.I.P. and we're actually trying to get patented. We have the ability to really touch a lot of people and that's what's different. Innovation is recognized but that innovation can go out and touch a large number of people and that's unique about AT&T there are few companies that can do that. By joining us you would have an opportunity to be a part of that revolution in terms of innovating around our industry and around these services for the world.
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