AT&T Business Sales Leadership Development Program

This program is about taking people that have potential and training them to be business sales leaders. AT&T leads the way in which we develop technology, and in the ways we develop people. These opportunities will help you develop skills, gain insight and have fun, while preparing you to launch an amazing career. We'll give you the means, but it's up to you to pave your way. We're looking for students and new graduates in general, with specific experience, education and mobility requirements for each development program.

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Video Transcript:
Business Sales Leadership Development Program is very intense, it's going to push you to your limits but you are going to be better for it. My name is Neith Myrick, I'm the Business Account Manager at AT&T. I went to SUNY Cortland. Finished school with a teaching degree but I knew I was going to do sales. I went through the business leadership development program. What it was really about was taking people that had potential and training them to be business sales leaders. It's a boot camp. My name is Laura Doherty and I'm a Business Account Executive with AT&T. I went to Sam Houston State University. I knew had wanted to go into sales. I think when you want to move up in the company you have to start out at sales. Two weeks into the program when I started we were already making some phone calls. They also paired us with someone who was already out in the field in a small business role. You are given the autonomy to run your business as you see fit. It is entrepreneurial and it makes it fun. They definitely trained us hard and pushed us to kind of get out of that comfort zone and be able to talk about the different products and the different sides of AT&T. If you want be a future leader at one of the biggest companies in America, I strongly encourage you to apply. I have plans of staying here for a very long time. I love my job.
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