AT&T University

AT&T leads the way in which we develop technology, and in the ways we develop people. These opportunities will help you develop skills, gain insight and have fun, while preparing you to launch an amazing career. We'll give you the means, but it's up to you to pave your way. We're looking for students and new graduates in general, with specific experience, education and mobility requirements for each development program. AT&T University is focused on developing and enhancing our own employees.

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Video Transcript:
Hi, welcome to AT&T University, how may I help you? AT&T University is focused on developing and enhancing our own employees. We literally have our own campus here in our headquarters building. But what really caught my eye was the organizational chart. AT&T university does really strive to make leadership and development part of everybody's objective. Our leading with distinction program exposes you to leaders, brings in various leaders from outside of the company. AT&T University allows me to pick courses where I think I need developing. There's a virtual management summit that I got to attend. It was phenomenal. Programs as far as how to better manage your time, how to have crucial conversations. As a prospective employee, as a college student, by joining AT&T, you're leaving your campus now you have a new opportunity in terms of a university. I would definitely put AT&T University at the top.
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