Retail Sales

AT&T retail store sales workers sell merchandise to store customers. They concentrate on selling merchandise to customers. Customers who do not know exactly what they want tend to look to retail salespeople for help in making purchasing decisions. Sometimes salespersons demonstrate merchandise, explaining its features and uses. Sales workers need specialized knowledge of AT&T's product.

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Video Transcript:
Good morning team. Our vision is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else. Alright, so let's open up and let's get started. Hello, welcome to AT&T. My name is Roz how may I assist you? When a customer first walks in, they're cradled from beginning to end. Are you familiar with YouTube? Yeah. Ok. Hands on with customers, setting up brand new service, upgrading customers' cell phones, billing inquiries, any phone issues. I try to sell them the phone they need and want. AT&T hands down is number one. AT&T. What was really exciting is we have more than just our wireless phone and phone service to sell. We have AT&T broadband service and we have the advanced television products such as U-verse. Our job is to educate the customer. If you do a combination the price that you see here includes the service of the first two phones. I love a challenge. Talking with people. I love to be able to try to get my hands on and try to figure out, ok, what's going on? One of the most important things we can hire is a great positive can do attitude. It's fun, it's exciting, it's fast paced. Hola, bienvenidos a AT&T. Every single customer that you have is going to come in with a different attitude every single time. Customers sometimes can be very demanding. But we are in the service industry. As long as you want to make your customers happy it's going work out. Being in retail, there are retail hours. You're definitely going to have to work nights, weekends, your holidays. But that's when the customers are there and that just helps you increase your commission check. We have to meet a certain amount of activations, opportunities, features, accessories every month. The targets that we're given are very attainable. The harder you sell, the more money you make. It's dependent upon you. We have so many products that we offer, keeping up with all the details is very difficult sometimes. The training is impeccable, it is not too technical to where you can't understand it, but it is definitely in depth enough to where you feel comfortable talking about it to someone else. Every day I learn something new. Talking with the people, learning from my co-workers. We're all a family, we're not just a team, we're a family. I like your hustle, I like your focus. I like that you're working hard. AT&T represents a huge opportunity. We are in an industry that is exciting, fun, fast paced, changing and it's growing. Our product is something everybody wants. AT&T is a worldwide name. You're working for a phenomenal company. This is a career opportunity, definitely. I just started as a sales person. I've been a sales manager, I've worked in marketing, I've worked at headquarters. I've done special projects. At AT&T the rewards are really just endless. Not only is the pay great, the benefits are great. We are the best, we expect the best and we reward the best. There is no other reason to go anywhere else.AT&T.
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