Premises Technicians

Our Premises Technicians work both inside and outside and are responsible for the installation and customer care of the new U-verse integrated digital TV, high speed Internet and voice services. What you'll do as an AT&T Premises Technician: Educate customers on service features and functionality, verify all services are working correctly, install and rearrange inside wires, possibly work in small confined spaces or a loft, work with hand tools, work outdoors in all kinds of weather. In addition to strong communication skills, our Premises Technicians must have a valid state driver's license and non-negligent driving record, meet 275 lbs weight limit due to safety restrictions, ability to lift and move up to 80 lbs.

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Video Transcript:
Our vision is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anybody else. Premises technicians are the key to our installation and repair processes in the U-verse product set. U-verse is internet protocol based services. It includes video, high speed internet and in a lot of the markets now we're starting to offer voice over IP as well. Premises technicians are responsible for doing the work associated with delivering U-verse to our customers. Customers notice when we go that extra mile. We want them to tell their neighbors how professional we are. Okay? Drive safe. AT&T. Mr. Davis? Hi, this is Kim with AT&T U-verse. How are you doing? Before we leave the garage we call the customer. We drive to the customer's house, we greet them, we do a quick walk through to locate the rooms that the televisions are going to be in. We run the jumpers to actually get the service to run to the customer's house. From there it's just a matter of identifying your cables, setting up your boxes. It's a sense of fulfillment that you have fulfilled that job. Customer service is definitely first. Well thank you very much sir, I hope you enjoy. We practice customer service all three weeks of training. Introduce yourself to the customer, let them know you're there and you do a site survey, correct? You have to be able to learn and understand some technical aspects of the job but we teach you that. You need to test this ground wire for continuity and to make sure you have a good ground. We train them in safety, we teach them to wire. We teach them how to use all the test equipment. We have a great facility. We have four classrooms. We have mock homes there so they do actual installations. Their third week of training involves learning the different aspects of U-verse. A lot of people like to be involved in new technology and that's what U-verse is and that's what a premises technician does. It's cutting edge. It is a physically challenging job. There will be tight crawl spaces, attics, some lifting, ladders, equipment. I wanted a challenge. I wanted it to be adventurous. Women can do it. We definitely can. The first page that's going to come up, this is your home page. Each technician gets a truck. Each technician gets the proper test sets. They get all the supplies they require to install the job. We provide all the equipment. I like that I can go outside. I'm pretty much on my own. This is a fantastic company. We have over 300,000 employees. We're the largest provider of wireless and data services in the nation. We've got a product that is second to none. It's a great career opportunity. And that's the big word: career. A career with AT&T is definitely a big thing. There are endless possibilities. Knowing that you can turn on the television any given day and see the name AT&T. That means the world to me and my family. Great benefits. It's just an awesome company to work for. I really enjoy it. AT&T.
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