DSL Technical Support

The ideal candidate for a DSL Support Technician at AT&T is someone who is highly motivated, a problem solver with technical acumen and excellent customer service skills. Technical information will be taught to new employees during training, but those employees must be technically savvy. DSL customer assistant personnel handle inbound calls dealing with issues ranging from modem installation to non-functioning e-mail.

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Video Transcript:
So let's go into the next slide. Our vision here at AT&T is to connect people with the world, everywhere they live and work and to do it better than anyone else. Thank you for choosing AT&T internet services. My name is Toni. This is an inbound technical support center where we receive phone calls from customers who subscribe to AT&T DSL service or any of the high speed services. I can definitely assist you with that. A customer will call in and they'll have an issue, whether it's just password related or if it's initially setting up the internet services. Would you please give me the DSL phone number you're calling about today. You might have a customer that's really irate. In those cases I would try to calm the customer down, I will figure out what the issue is, go through some troubleshooting steps with them. Basically just taking care of the customer. And thank you for choosing AT&T internet services. AT&T. Here customer service is everything. We refer to it as customer satisfaction. We want to try to anticipate things that they might have to call back on in the future and we want to try to resolve those with just one phone call. We want to have first call resolution. What kind of modem are you using? It's about listening to them, getting a precise idea of what's going on and tackling it. We look for people who have a very strong work ethic, who are willing to learn and ready to accept change. You don't have to be a really, really technical person but you need to be able to pick it up quickly. If you have customer service skills in the past that plays a bigger part than the technical skills, because they do give on-the-job training once you get here. So she's a little upset, let's go ahead and try to open her in the network connections, the LAN. You have to be obviously polite and speak properly and you have to relate to the customer, sympathize with them. They're frustrated because they cannot get on their internet. When did you activate your service? It is challenging, you're here to troubleshoot and it does feel good when you achieve your goal of helping the customer and then they praise you and it makes you feel good helping someone out. So Tish, this is a call you took on the 14th... Consistency, respect and attendance are the main things that we operate on here. I think you were her hero that day. Attendance is absolutely important. From the customers perspective it could mean that the customer has to wait on the line longer or may not get the same level of service and support. So being here is probably the most important phase of the job. I feel pride anytime anyone asks me, where do you work? And I get to say AT&T. I came in knowing I was going to make this my career. I love the company, benefits, the people. It's just like a family. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. This is a very large organization, a very diverse organization, so career opportunities extend far beyond the call center. I think the sky's the limit for anybody. I think with a positive attitude and the right motivation and dedication. The best part of it is just coming in every day knowing that with one customer at a time, I truly can make a difference.
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