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I jumped on the opportunity, I love technology and I love that AT&T has so many different aspects that you can go. The sky's the limit. They want you to be successful. They're going to give you the right training and positioning so you are capable of achieving your goals. I would definitely say to someone that's interested in pursuing an opportunity in sales, specifically in technology sales is to not be intimidated. If I can do it, you can do it. You're selling things that you're using every day. If you are a people person and you get your energy from dealing with people and you really want to understand what it takes to drive growth in this company sales is a wonderful place to be.

One of the great things about coming to AT&T in a sales role is the depth and breadth of the products and services portfolio that we offer. Core networking capabilities and networking solutions to mobility and wireless applications. One of the big trends now is the movement to cloud and virtualized services as well. The AT&T Business Services organization is a part of AT&T that's really geared toward selling to the corporate client. Anything from your small to mid-size customer. In addition to being out and visiting clients there is a lot of time that is spent back in the office putting together our presentations, doing research on our customers. So it's really a great, diversified job. This is an attractive industry because it's always changing. And that's exciting, that's where you have your finger on the pulse of things that actually make differences in people's lives and business. This is my first position I actually started off in the business sales leadership program in Atlanta and moved into a sales role in New York. If you have that personality and you're willing to learn the new technology I think you can get very far in the company.

I chose sales because when you break it down what sales is is it's customer relationship management that's something that's important to me and technology is more or less an overlay. The great thing about sales is there's really a camaraderie. No great thing is accomplished alone. We are unique in the developmental opportunities that we offer to our employees. There are opportunities to find mentors and advisors and friends and colleagues in so many different places. When I first came here I knew nothing, so now that you get to the point where you are having in depth conversations of how our solutions can help our business it makes you feel like you've come a long way. AT&T has a lot of emphasis on how do we attract and retain talent and how do we find these future leaders. They're putting the right steps in play. It's creating communication outlets and leadership development programs.

It's a fun opportunity and it's a fun job I love doing it, I get up and I'm excited about my job and that's what you want to look for at the end of the day. Don't be intimidated by a job just because you think of it being a technical job. The technology part you can learn. AT&T really needs all different people from all different backgrounds. Having that different variety of people really makes us the company we are today. Our next big thing could be you!

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