Tanuj is a physician who combined his health information and technology background to carve out new career path at AstraZeneca. As a doctor with a computer science degree Tanuj never worked in pharmaceuticals before but finds AstraZeneca keeps him challenged. He believes AstraZeneca is a smart company doing socially relevant work.

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Video Transcript:
Hi I'm Tanuj and I'm using my experience in health information technology to carve out a new career path here at AstraZeneca. Before AstraZeneca I actually have never been with a pharmaceutical company. So by background I'm a physician, but I also have a computer science degree. They created the role for me and they really left it open for me to define. I learned a lot just about the pharmaceutical business with the diverse people that I interacted with. And just that trust that the company gave me. I actually relocated so I didn't know anybody. So first thing you do is reach out and build that social network. I actually lead the south Asian network, which is an employee network group here. You can really get bogged down and put your blinders on, but when you've got a lot of variety of things to do, that's what I like more than anything else. AstraZeneca is a smart company, it's doing socially relevant work it gives you a lot of opportunities to diversify your own career objectives. It's inspiring to be part of this type of a company.