Marta is an MD who after years of having a patient practice is now developing life-changing therapies for AstraZeneca. She loves the strong long-standing reputation of AstraZeneca and coming from an Hispanic background has found it a nurturing environment. Marta is most proud of being recognized by the medical community for the work she has done in drug discovery at AstraZeneca.

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Video Transcript:
Hello, I am Marta and after many years of medical practice I am now part of professional teams developing life-changing therapies for AstraZeneca. After years of patient care I felt that for me would be a challenge and a great satisfaction to actually be part of developing new therapies. AstraZeneca's long standing traditional reputation and the study drugs themselves that they have developed, speak for themselves. For someone like me with a Hispanic background it was very important to join a nurturing environment that would welcome diversity. When I combine my personal skills with those of other people that are likewise unique and talented we end up with a fantastic and powerful working force. I think that the work at AstraZeneca is a great mirror for realizing what your skills are. I feel that I'm recognized not only inside AstraZeneca but also in the medical community as a medical professional and that's probably the most satisfying parts of my work.