Scientific and leadership skills are valued and supported at AstraZeneca. Elmarie started in the laboratory and is now leading a global delivery team. Being from South Africa she also enjoys the diverse culture found at AstraZeneca's locations in Massachusetts and Maryland.

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Video Transcript:
Hi, I'm Elmarie. My scientific and leadership skills are valued and supported in an innovative environment at AstraZeneca. Within the last three years I can feel and see that I've grown significantly. I started out in the laboratory where I developed some basic skills and that prepared me for my next role where I am now leading a global delivery team. What I really found where AstraZeneca was different was I could immediately resonate with the people. I am originally from South Africa. The backgrounds and experiences are so diverse that it just provides you with great learning opportunities. It really helps innovation. Everybody doesn't have the same experience or the same background so you bring that to the table. It's not just the support that you gain as a scientist, but also the support that you gain for your own personal development and growth. AstraZeneca is the place to be.