Melissa is a Senior Scientist who is part of a drug discovery team at AstraZeneca. As a chemist she makes compounds for the cancer group that could develop into drugs. She has taken on responsibility quickly and has been able to come up with ideas and make a difference.

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Video Transcript:
Hi, I'm Melissa a senior scientist and I'm proud to be a member of a collaborative drug discovery team here at AstraZeneca. I'm a chemist by training and here at AstraZeneca I make compounds for the cancer group that will hopefully one day be a drug. When I came to interview here I was really impressed with the people and the quality of the site, the chemistry and the science that was going on. Everyone is extremely motivated and excited about their jobs. You are given quite a bit of responsibility when you start here you're involved right away on a project team. It's a great feeling that you come straight from an academic environment and you're already given opportunities to contribute and come up with ideas on your own. We have a great group of people here we're doing a lot of interesting science and there's many opportunities to develop yourself here within this company and make a difference.