Mary was exposed to a variety of career paths during her internship at AstraZeneca. She didn't feel like intern and was able to contribute. People were able to see her for who she was and not just the wheelchair she sits in.

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Video Transcript:
Hi I'm Mary and as an intern I learned about the different career opportunities here at Astra Zeneca. I love the atmosphere, the people. Everyday there's always something different going on. I think that's the thing about the pharmaceutical industry, especially where I was in state and federal government. There's never a dull moment. Going to meetings was a highlight for me. You didn't feel like you were an intern, you felt like you had worked there for months and you just... I really just fit right in. I actually really did feel like the chair almost disappeared and people were able to see me for who I was. I think the main thing I got out of it was learning that there are other options out there and experiencing this really gave me a new motivation and a new drive to think about the pharmaceutical industry and AstraZeneca more in the future.