Les is a Senior Scientist in chemistry who makes exciting drug discoveries in his job at AstraZeneca. Their is a highly energetic atmosphere and the people are motivated. Les e feels respected by AstraZeneca and has learned management skills and has worked on numerous rewarding projects.

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Video Transcript:
Hi, I'm Les. I'm a senior scientist in chemistry and I really enjoy learning about drug discovery from my colleagues here at AstraZeneca. I love what I do and even more importantly I love the people that I work with. The people here I find to be very energetic, very motivated and very dedicated. You're not just a number; you're not just a resource. You're a person with a name and you get to interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. I started off as a scientist and about two years into that I was promoted to senior scientist, you get a little bit more responsibility. I work with a research associate, which is someone with a bachelors or masters. Managing was a new experience for me. It's turned out to be very productive and rewarding. You can't afford to stop learning whether it's in your particular field, whether it's in drug discovery and its impossible if you have your eyes and ears open here.