Emily is a former teacher who brought her experience to the internship program at AstraZeneca. She was attracted to the inclusiveness of the culture and support for growth, and loves that she never stops learning.

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Video Transcript:
Hi, I'm Emily. I'm a former teacher who is now helping others find their new career here at AstraZeneca. I actually run the internship programs here at AstraZeneca. I didn't know much about the pharmaceutical industry in my former career as a teacher. I had the consumer views of pharmaceuticals. What really attracted me to AstraZeneca was I like the inclusiveness of the culture. This company encourages you to come in get into your job, do really great work. But they encourage you to move on to. What other positions in this company may be a fit for you? First day when I ran my first orientation I had 21 young people looking back at me and I went wow I've been here before. I bet this is familiar. I got to work with them and talk to them about their careers which is, really for me I'm finding a deep passion for. And that for me I think is what excites me about working in a place like AstraZeneca. Never stop learning, never stop growing, never stop going to the next step.