Elizabeth started as pharmaceutical sales specialist at AstraZeneca. She started right out out of college and 6 years later she's a senior sales trainer. You can find a place for you at AstraZeneca.

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Video Transcript:
Hi, I'm Elizabeth I came out of college with no sales experience and six years later I'm a senior sales trainer at AstraZeneca. My first position within AstraZeneca was a pharmaceutical sales specialist in Washington DC. It's a really fun job. Your primary responsibility as a pharmaceutical sales specialist and what I did day in and day out was visit physicians and other healthcare providers to talk to them about the benefits of AstraZeneca's products. Before I was every thrown out into the field I got to go through sales training. Every step of the way I worked with my district sales manager who was able to guide me through the responsibilities of the job, how to be successful. Pharmaceutical sales is such a unique job. Everything we do every day is about making a difference in the lives of others. The six years I've had here at AstraZeneca it's been extreme professional growth but personal growth at the same time as well. I think I've evolved into the person that I probably will be for the rest of my life.