You will grow personally and professionally in your sales career at AstraZeneca. From field sales to positions in training AstraZeneca has been a way for Diep to apply strategies for success. Positions are available in sales nationwide.

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Video Transcript:
Hi, I'm Diep. Throughout my sales career, not only have I grown professionally, but personally, here at AstraZeneca. Trainer itself is not just training new representatives. The trainer makes a huge impact on the entire organization. My current project now is pretty exciting and that's taking a lot of things mobile. The field sales reps they are often all over the place, in their car, in the offices. So one of the projects that I'm working on is the fact that we can download information into their smartphones. I didn't realize how strategic I was, I think now I realized I was strategic at sports, but I never applied that to my professional life. If you want to not just look at yourself professionally grow, but if you want to look at yourself personally grow, and what else is inside you to make you drive you to do something, AstraZeneca is the company that will be a resource to untap what it is within you.