Brandon was an Intern in production who is now a production supervisor and pursuing his MBA with the help for AstraZeneca. You can lead people and enjoy positive interactions while making sure patients are getting best product possible. There is no challenge or goal you can't achieve at our locations in Maryland or Massachusetts.

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Video Transcript:
Hi I'm Brandon, I started as an intern and now I'm a production supervisor persuing my MBA with the help of AstraZeneca. The career path from intern coming into a planner was a big jump. Then once I went down to become production supervisor, the responsibility was more. One of the biggest elements of that role is the people interaction piece and really coaching them and leading them. We feel proud to do what we do because we want to make sure our patients are getting the best products possible. If I can continue to learn, continue to seek opportunities and want to develop myself I can position myself in areas that I want to be in and continue to grow. AstraZeneca has taught me that there's really no challenge or goal that you can't achieve.