There are challenging projects in corporate communications at AstraZeneca. Bring your communications education to a pharmaceutical company that cares about putting patients first in Maryland or Massachusetts.

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Hi, I'm Ashley I'm an intern, I've learned to use my degree in English and Journalism in a corporate communications setting with AstraZeneca. I would have never guessed to go work at a pharmaceutical company, but I love it. I've grown a lot while working here, I worked on a project where I was going to be interviewing a lot of people. So that was kind of intimidating at first, but when I got to do that I found out that I did a great job with it. AstraZeneca definitely cares about your experience here and they talk to you, what are you interested in doing in the future? Are you interested in coming back? Are you interested in a career with us? It seems like a lot of people today have an idea of pharmaceutical companies. They think they're just out there to get money and it's nice to come away from this experience and tell people that it's really not like that, people care, the pharmaceutical industry does care. It's great to know that I'm working for a company who is putting patients first and who are helping people.