Air Liquide

Air Liquide is a multinational supplier of gases and services to various industries, including medical, chemical, and electronic manufacturers. Since 1902, we've focused in oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen, leading the world in providing the best gases, technologies, and services to millions of customers. Our presence in over 80 countries, in addition to our diverse business activities, creates a wealth of exciting career opportunities.

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The industry has changed tremendously The new technology lets us Open doors to a new horizon The newcomers don't have a clue as to what we're doing and this is what we're trying to teach them normally when a driver comes in in the morning he has to grab is load sheet. Looks over his paperwork sees where he's going that day what it's going to take to do that route secondly he'll grab his handheld he will look for his route put his road number in it and then go out to the truck he will take the load sheet and make sure it matches everything is 100% he'll redo his truck again to make sure make sure all of his straps are tight check his load check for caps check for labels check for lot numbers everything gotta match. Take all of his paperwork put it in order. Make his manifest check everything off. You're number one when it comes to dealing with the customer we see the customer 90% of the time so we know what the customer wants. You come to work everyday you want to go home to your family every night. There is no price tag on safety safety is number one we have to live with it every day we teach it we grow with it we work with it Air Liquide don't want you to work 24 hours a day they want you to go home to your family and they make it possible to go home each and every night. I find it fascinating that not only can you drive that you can move around in the plant and you learn something new every day as long as you come to work every day and be on time the rewards are tremendous the sky is the limit.