Air Liquide

Air Liquide is a multinational supplier of gases and services to various industries, including medical, chemical, and electronic manufacturers. Since 1902, we've focused in oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen, leading the world in providing the best gases, technologies, and services to millions of customers. Our presence in over 80 countries, in addition to our diverse business activities, creates a wealth of exciting career opportunities.

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Video Transcript:
What's interesting about being in the plants is every day can be different so you just have to be ready for that. Being at a smaller plant where I am where I have one other person that I work with we're both responsible for keeping the plant running making sure that if somethings broken it's fixed if we have an issue or we need to adjust the plant we make those adjustments for our customer. It can be a whole range of things from making minor adjustments on our computer systems to going out in the field and moving some valves around making sure that everything is how it's supposed to be basically. As far as the managerial side of my job I do a lot of project management we're managing our budgets we're managing what work we want to get done what improvements we want to make so that can be anything from something as small as getting a contractor to come on site and fix something that we can't fix ourselves to getting our zone involved where they can help us run bigger projects that we can make larger improvements at the site. It varies a lot day to day but for the most part it's keep the plant running make improvements where we can keep everything safe and then on the managerial side keep focused on managing our reliability or budgets our efficiencies things like that.