Air Liquide

Air Liquide is a multinational supplier of gases and services to various industries, including medical, chemical, and electronic manufacturers. Since 1902, we've focused in oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen, leading the world in providing the best gases, technologies, and services to millions of customers. Our presence in over 80 countries, in addition to our diverse business activities, creates a wealth of exciting career opportunities.

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Video Transcript:
ALPOP exactly it's on the job site training program part of the ALPOP program why I chose this I have many other job interviews lined up ready to schedule me to fly out I just cut all the interviews out because I was looking for a company another job where I would find meaning as well when you learn about AirLiquide we're making gases nitrogen argon oxygen there for hospitals for the sick to use they're for our food products you know every day life you open a bag of potato chips that's AirLiquide so It felt meaningful for me. We need more plant managers in AirLiquide in order to produce our own plant managers they'll put someone who has a high level of expertise whether it be in management or the process of what we do in air separation or different plant process that we have and they'll teach you all of it at the plant and you learn the process you learn all the management skills you need along with the AirLiquide programs to be a very successful plant manager once you graduate I'm always looking for more always want to be more and the ALPOP program it looks for people like that you know people with ambition who wants to be more who wants to be a plant manager we'll train you to be one. And we have all the support system to make you one if you want it show that you want it and work hard and skies the limit here at AirLiquide.