Affordable Dentures® practices provide dentures, mini dental implants, tooth extractions and partial dentures that not only improve smiles, but more importantly, improve lives. Not only will you be more confident in your appearance, but you will eat better, and that can have a very positive impact on your overall health.

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Video Transcript:
Affordable care is really focused on a very narrow niche of dentistry. Which is dentures, dental implants, and other tooth replacement options. Affordable care presently has about 200 affiliates across the country. Over 400 dentists supported, almost 2000 employees, and we are represented in more states than any other dental support organization. When a Dentist chooses to affiliate, it’s because he or she has made a conscious decision to focus their efforts on patient care. I had the opportunity to become a practice owner with Affordable Dentures and I sold my small private practice and haven’t looked back since. Right out of school I joined affordable dentures. I became an associate dentist. It’s very difficult sometimes to run a small business. People in the area already know who affordable dentures is. There’s already the brand recognition. The impact that implantology has had on my career has been amazing. Kind of revitalized my enthusiasm with day to day dentistry. Our practice model is very unique. Each practice is owned and operated by practicing dentists but they have no personal financial investment. They are able to build equity in the practice and sell it upon their retirement. As a result, our turn over is only about 5% percent. We’re investing time and money in finding the best educational opportunities, the best technology, the best marketing and operational support so that those practice owners that choose to get involved with implants have that opportunity. The average income for all of our affiliates was over 300,000 dollars. Our top income earner earned over 1.2 million. We believe there’s unlimited financial opportunity with this business model. Affordable care was founded over 40 years ago by two dentists, Doctors Edwards and Henson of Kinston of North Carolina. They had traditional dental practices but found that they could not provide cost-effective services to low-income patients. So they set up a separate practice with same day service on site lab. With the lab on site when we do wax try-ins and we want to move things slightly or get things just right for a patient we can actually bring a technician into the room and get it processed for that day. I’m Dr. Justin moody, I’m a general dentist, an implantoligist, a trainer, I’m a fellow and associate fellow of the American academy of implant dentistry. I’m a fellow master diplomat of the international congress of oral implantologists, And I’m one of just a little over 200 diplomats in the American board of oral implantology. That is really the crown jewel of my credentials. You know my role in training is to really provide an all inclusive implant training for their program. We have a study club, a mentorship hotline, we have peer review cases, we have meetings, we have courses that they can go to. You know with affordable care I’m going across the country coast to coast talking to practice owners, getting into their practices and trying to figure out what I can do to help them get where they want to be. We’re trying to create a pathway to clinical excellence in implant dentistry. It goes well beyond the actual placement of implants, but the training of auxiliaries, training of the lab technicians. We were teaching doctors how to place implants, but everything was on didactics. So we decided, why not introduce patients. That’s when live implant training was born. We have the lowest ratio between professors and students. We only take 12 doctors every 2 months and we have 4-5 instructors. A dentist that has had little or no training in implants can come out with basic skills and confidence to come back to their practice and expand their world. This is a 7 day intense course. They’re going to come in here have 1 day of didactics, and then 5 days of extensive surgeries, and at the 7th day, they’re going to be working on credentials. They’re going to be able to have fellowships by the ICOI, and fellowships by the AAIP. Going down to the live implant training course we did 5 days of implant surgery placing anywhere from 20-25 implants. I came back and I felt comfortable trying to do implants every day. I didn’t even realize when I was down there how much the course affected me in a good way. Affordable has a commitment to only doing things the right way. And they want to live up to those standards. And with my time with them, I’ve never seen them not uphold to those. This is an organization that has dedicated themselves to raise the level of their whole organization. If you’re looking for that drive to make you want to get up in the morning and go to work, this is what they’re doing at Affordable care, and this is why I’m here.