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Every year, UPS delivers billions of packages to homes and businesses around the world. With thousands of drivers and package handlers on call, UPS has consistently serviced the needs of an on-demand, global economy.

The UPS part time package handler program offers an opportunity for everyone - from college students to retirees - to earn extra income and work towards a full time career at UPS. The program is also unique due to its flexible hours, bonuses, and financial education assistance. To advertise these benefits and recruit new candidates to this program, UPS chose video as the centerpiece of their strategy.

Why Video?

Over the years, UPS has consistently experienced a heavy influx of orders around the holiday season. To meet this increase in activity, UPS hires a specialized, seasonal workforce of package handlers. This intense ramp up of hiring calls for an equally intense marketing awareness strategy. UPS specifically chose MadDash to create nationally broadcasted video commercials to showcase these career opportunities and attract the right candidates. The same collection of videos will be distributed via online pre-roll advertisements to candidates across a network of 40,000+ sites.

The Results

MadDash developed a series of short video commercials that advertised the part time package handler program, specialized specifically to key regional markets around the country. These videos premiered right in time for the holiday season, across national television and also through online pre-roll advertisements. They emphasized the type of hard working, motivated candidates that UPS was seeking. When the intensity of holiday deliveries rolled around, UPS was more than prepared. They found the right part time package handlers for the job, and experienced their most successful holiday season since 1919.

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