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Sheetz - Filling Up On Top Talent

About The Client

If you've ever spent any time in the Mid-Atlantic states, you're familiar with the convenience store chain called Sheetz. Their bright storefronts, great gas prices, and fantastic made-to-order foods make them one of the most frequently visited places by members of their communities. More importantly (at least to us), is that they're a company made up of some of the most impressive employees that MadDash has ever encountered.

Why Video?

Like many retail organizations, Sheetz employs thousands of hourly workers. And, like many in similar industries, turnover can be an issue. The Sheetz recruiting team utilized traditional RJP's (Realistic Job Previews) as a means to help set proper job expectations with recruits. However, their written RJP's weren't having the impact that they had hoped. They looked to MadDash to evolve their existing RJP's into video RJP's that were creative, dynamic, and would help improve the quality of their applicants.

The Results

The solution included 16 videos, spread across 3 business units. The vast majority of the videos were "day in the life" job overviews, while one video was a higher level "About Sheetz" video that could reach any audience with a branding message.

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