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About The Client

Novartis is one of the top pharma companies in the world, consistently delivering breakthroughs in medical research and technology. One of Novartis’s differentiating factors is their strong emphasis on connecting clinical trials with pharmaceutical research. Novartis staff physicians, known as Translational Medicine Physicians, make these connections, as they translate Novartis technologies into real world medical advancements.

However, the role of a Translation Medicine physician is not always top of mind as doctors consider their career options. So, Novartis partnered with MadDash to provide a video solution that would emphasized the work of these specialized physicians.

Why Video?

Because Translational Medicine is a bit of an unknown within the physician community, Novartis felt that the most effective way to promote the role was to visually demonstrate it via video. Further, it was immensely important to promote the altruistic nature of the job and the sense of satisfaction that could be achieved. Encouraging a physician to depart from the traditional definition of “being a doctor” and join a corporate work environment is no easy task. Video was best suited for this assignment.

The Results

Four “day in the life” video vignettes were developed, each covering the physicians of the Novartis Translational Medicine Group. The vignettes highlight not only the corporate culture of Novartis, but represent the diversity of their team and the areas they cover – from autoimmunity to hepatology. Novartis was able to use these videos both internally and externally to boost their message as one of the most diverse and innovative global healthcare providers.

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