The Tulalip Tribes are federally recognized successors in interest to the Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Skykomish, and other allied tribes and bands signatory to the Treaty of Point Elliott. The 22,000 acre Tulalip Indian Reservation is located north of Everett and the Snohomish River, and west of Marysville, Washington. The Tribes maintain an aggressive environmental preservation program, both on and off of the reservation to complement the Snohomish region’s natural resources. The economic development zone along the I-5 corridor provides revenue and services for the region. Tulalip provides health, human services, housing, utilities, technology services, education, recreation, entertainment, cultural, and historical activities. The Tribes have over 4,300 members, with half of the members living on the reservation. The Tulalip Tribes government provides a number of services to its tribal and community members such as health care, housing, education, public works, court system, police department, and many other services.

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Video Transcript: Working for the Tribe is so meaningful and the sense of community that is around the workforce is so special. The Tribal government is primarily around Tulalip, and for Tribal members who are working for government it’s home. It’s so beautiful – the trees are beautiful, the water’s beautiful, and at our Tribal administration building where a lot of our jobs are at, it is stunning. A lot of the work we do, it benefits our whole community. That’s something that doesn’t exist on the outside. We get to feel that sense of family and interconnectedness at a deep level. I am really thankful to work for the Tulalip Tribes and know that there’s so much purpose, and I literally get to see it from my desk. I get to look out these big, beautiful windows – and you get to see the effects of all of your hard work. The best part of working for the Tulalip Tribes is the unity – the unity with other departments working together and feeling like you’re part of a family. Tribal Employment covers a huge variety; there are opportunities in adult education, family services, financial opportunities. There’s a lot of opportunities in Tribal Government for employment. Working for the Tribe, it’s not just Tribal members; it’s a very diverse group of people who work for the Tribal Government. I think people should know that people from all different backgrounds work for our Tribe and really help our Tribe succeed. Tulalip’s very supportive in my career growth here, so they’ve been supportive in any time off I’ve needed, paying for my training, paying for my certificates and my licensure, and that’s a big deal. We want to make sure that the jobs that we have are meaningful, purposeful, and the right people are in those positions. The Tulalip Tribes offers an excellent benefits program for your medical and your dental, and that really made me feel good that Tulalip’s looking out for me and taking care of me. I would say to someone who’s considering working for Tulalip Tribes, you’ll be quick to realize that it is a wonderful place to work and when you find out all the things the different departments are doing, it’s inspiring.