Synopsys Research & Development

Synopsys is a leading company in the Electronic Design Automation industry and this R&D engineer recruitment video you will see how your work will have impact. Synopsys supplies the global electronics market with the software, IP and services used in semiconductor design and manufacturing. As a programmer for Synopsys you will be writing code to solve problems specific software chip design problems. As you grow in your career you are free to combine your technical skills and managerial experience. Your success is closely tied to the quality of product you are able to invent and as you will hear in this video that can be a thrilling feeling.

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Video Transcript:
It's the programmer at Synopsys whose writing the software that is building these chips, which is at the core of pretty much any high-tech product in the world. I'm Brent, I'm an R&D Engineer at Synopsys. The most important skill for being successful at Synopsys is do you know software. You can learn about chips. But the skill that's going to be most important is a passion for building the best algorithms. Can you write programs that can solve difficult problems? The First question that somebody comes to when they come to Synopsys is, what do I work on? You are not going to be looking at the entire problem of how do we build chips with software. It's going to be; this part of the software has this issue that needs to be resolved, can you work on that? I have been working for 20 years at Synopsys and I still have people at that I learn from every day. I have some management part of my job. But then I also have my technical part of my job where I can close my door and do the thing that I really love; which is to program. I can think of no other place as a programmer where your success is so closely tied to the quality of what you are able to invent. There is no other software job in the world like the kind of stuff we do at Synopsys.