Synopsys - Overview

Synopsys is a leading company in the Electronic Design Automation industry and this video will show you how your work will have impact. If you are an engineer, software developer or even if you are in finance the work you do will have impact. Synopsys supplies the global electronics market with the software, IP and services used in semiconductor design and manufacturing. As an R&D engineer, application consultant or software writer you will be challenged and amazed at what you can do at Synopsys. Watch this video and you will also learn about the how employees work in a team oriented environment where quality output is valued. In addition to professional opportunities you are also encouraged to take part in community involvement programs and work-social events.

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Video Transcript:
Synopsys is an international company, so wherever Synopsys is that's our community. At Synopsys it's the people that make the company. At Synopsys I continually learn and make an impact. At Synopsys your ideas can impact the world. There is no better place than Synopsys. If you look at virtually any complex chip being designed in the world today chances are it's using Synopsys software to get it done. Synopsys is the leader in the EDA or Electronic Design Automation industry. Anyone at Synopsys can look at one of those products on the wall and say, okay I didn't build that whole product, but it was my software that hooked everything up inside that chip. It is my Software that made sure that thing worked. So, I just wanted to go to the board here and kind of explain what our flow looks like. I feel like I make a difference. When I come into work, I feel that I'm doing something that's important. Solving an issue for a customer, it gives me a real boost. You have to feel a rush to know that because of me, because of some idea that I had or some software that I wrote; Every cell phone in the world now is going to run 5 percent longer before it runs out of batteries. To me that's just really exciting. The culture is very conducive to doing new things, being able to have new ideas. And that helps energize the whole team to work towards making their ideas successful. Each of you guys has an agenda infront of you and it provides a company overview. When you come into Synopsys you are finding a lot of people who came from different environments. And you are working pretty much collectively learning from each other to implement ideas. Synopsys is an environment where good people will be recognized. And will have an opportunity to either be promoted or to do new and interesting tasks. The business we are in changes dramatically. So, just when you think you've figured everything out the next challenge gets put in front of us. And it's 2X harder than what the previous challenge was. The essence of the high point is that time when you are building that new thing. And working with a few people really closely, creating something that wasn't there before. There's just nothing to compare with that. So working with IEEE is very important because that is the international standard. The skill set is not limited to just Silicon Valley. The skill set is available across the world. Synopsys has offices in 22 different countries. I love working with my staff they are my friends. And I think that is probably the most important, is working with a group of people that you trust. Everybody is there to actually provide a quality output. It feels like one big family. We are all in here in the same boat trying to achieve the same thing. The friends that you make, the ability to carry on some of the volunteer work that you do with other people here. All of those are ways of saying that we all care, we all care about who you are, what you do inside the company. But also the community that you are part of. It's exciting! It's truly an exciting place to work. There is no better place than Synopsys to work!