Synopsys - University Relations

Synopsys is a global leader in electronic design automation, based in Silicon Valley, California, and offering tremendous challenge and opportunity to technology, IT and corporate support professionals. For recent college grads and young professionals, Synopsys offers a challenging, learning environment that is years ahead of the curve technologically. It is a work culture where doors are open, new ideas are welcome, and thinking outside the box is the norm. Synopsys also offers a great work/life balance, with a great campus offering sports and other recreational venues right outside the door. It's the next best thing to being in college, all while you learn and grow your new career.

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Video Transcript:
Day two, I already started working on projects, working on the next year's release. Hi, I'm Gagik Ohanyan, I'm a CAE at Synopsys and I graduated U.C. Santa Cruz. Yeah, they're very open to whatever ideas you have. Synopsys is always encouraging its employees to think outside the box. I got an internship at Synopsys. People stay here because they love the culture; they love the people they work with. Hi, my name is Hubert Ly and I'm a Marketing Specialist at Synopsys and a graduate of U.C. Irvine. My role being non-technical, I still see the impact that I have on the technology industries. I'm learning a ton. When I graduated I really wanted to feel like I was making a difference. I'm Matt Bartleson. I work as a Corporate Communications Specialist at Synopsys and I graduated from Colorado State University. The culture to me is probably the most important thing at the company. There is a really good balance. I help to coach and manage our Synopsys softball team. So I play soccer. That's the field over there. We have the volleyball courts here, basketball, we have soccer field over there, because fresh out of college you're still used to doing things outside of just work. You can see it's a very genuine, natural culture that was bred just by being together and learning together and playing sports together, doing community service together. Synopsys offers challenging work but in a fun environment and the people here really make you feel at home. Being a Synopsoid means being passionate about the people around you, about the technology that you are impacting. What we do here is two years ahead of time right now and that is why I chose Synopsys.