Synopsys - IP/Hardware

Synopsys is a global leader in electronic design automation, based in Silicon Valley, California, and offering tremendous challenge and opportunity to technology, IT and corporate support professionals. For programmers, designers, engineers and other technological professionals, Synopsys offers the opportunity and challenge of helping design the next generation of technology. The work done here is several years ahead of the curve, as Synopsys designs chips that helps its large, global clients accelerate their innovation. It's a rare opportunity to also accelerate your career while working in a great and flexible work culture, with a tremendously talented team.

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Video Transcript:
When you pick up your smart phone or your tablet, Synopsys IP is part of those consumer products. Hi, I'm Buvna Ayyagari-Sangamalli, I'm a Director of Applications Engineering in the Solutions Group at Synopsys. Your phone might be all about saving power and extending the battery life, whereas if you had the same IP going to a desktop computer it's different; it's about performance, it's about speed. We're providing solutions that help our customers accelerate their innovation. Hi, I'm Meghan Le and I'm a Senior Marketing Manager at Synopsys. In IP, we're definitely one of the fastest growing groups within Synopsys. As chips get more complex right, they're requiring more IP to go into those chips. And so they're turning to companies like Synopsys. Within the solutions group or SG, we're about 25% of the size of the company. We work on literally with the biggest companies in the world, people that are household names, you know whether they're Intel or Qualcomm or Samsung. There is definitely a sense of pride. There is a quiet knowledge that we were part of this. Synopsys is part of many industry standard consortiums and forums specs are still being defined. I left briefly for a year to go to a startup. But you know I came back to Synopsys and it was really the culture and the people. Synopsys offers opportunity for you to learn. It's just growth, learning, fast forwarded.