Synopsys Application Consultant

Synopsys is a leading company in the Electronic Design Automation industry and this video will show you how your work will have impact. Synopsys supplies the global electronics market with the software, IP and services used in semiconductor design and manufacturing. In this job and career recruitment video you will learn that as an Application Consultant you will assist clients in developing what they need utilizing your software design skills and sales strategy. You will also work as part of a team of engineers, sales consultants and research and designers. Synopsys is a friendly company that encourages community involvement and social activities.

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Video Transcript:
I'm a very much of a people person. So, this gave me a unique opportunity to still apply the design skills that I have, but at the same time be at the forefront of technology. I'm Pratima and I'm an Applications Consultant Manager at Synopsys. So, I just wanted to go to the board here and kind of explain what our flow looks like. Applications Consultants need to be able to talk, but also be able to listen. The new thing with IC Compiler would be the physical constraints. You need to be able to understand what the customer is saying and be able to think about the solution set that we have. And how that would match up with what they are talking about. The ability to share in somebody elses success is also very powerful. When our customers have tapeouts we celebrate. Our first line of support is other Applications Consultants. But then the next line is talking to the CAE's because they are the experts. The Corporate Applications Engineer, CAE for short, works closely with the R&D people. Innovation is highly encouraged, thinking out of the box is highly encouraged. Everybody feels that I have a part to play in this, I can contribute and what I say actually matters.