Stamford Health's registered nurses are critical members of patient care team that ensures that we deliver a comprehensive patient experience with a holistic patient centered approach each and every day. We are on our Magnet journey and our shared governance structure is the perfect environment that not only empowers our nurses to participate in the care of our patients but allows them the opportunity to critically think about each and every decision. This synergy fosters genuine teamwork and positively impacts the patient experience. Come join our team where your ideas and experience will be heard, valued, and recognized!

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Stamford Health is on this path of creating that new generation of hospitals. You don't have to trek all the way out to some major metropolis to get really good care. And I wanted to be able to say that I work in a Health where people get really good care. My name is Perry Burgess, I'm a Cath Lab Nurse at Stamford Health. Stamford worked really well with my personal values and how I saw nursing fitting into those values. I liked the Planetree aspect. For a long time there was this imbalance between the Health side of patient care and the patient's point of view and Planetree is the bridge in that divide. It's making each thing patient focused. Here in Stamford, we empower our staff and empowered nurses who critically think, save patients lives. Cath Lab is state of the art. We used Meditech for documentation. The idea being that you can take a patient in, and their entire medical record will be in one system. So you can do a lot of patient research without leaving your desk. If you have a good day, you have a really, really good day. When someone comes to you and says, thanks so much for your care, it is the most rewarding thing I've probably ever done. If you want to like coming to work, if you want to like the people you work with, work hard, do the right thing and take good care of people, than you should come work at Stamford Health.