Cutting edge technology supported by an atmosphere of cohesive teamwork is the formula that propels our Laboratory to record breaking growth. Our dedicated laboratory employees take pride in their work and strive to be the best lab service in the region. Our team places the patient first with every laboratory task and thrives within a family, team-oriented environment. Join us in creating a service of excellence within Stamford Health and the community!

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Video Transcript:
Stamford Health is a great place to work because of the teamwork that we offer, compassion that we have, and the great service that we offer to our patients. Hi My name is Eddie Velez and I am a client service representative for the laboratory at Stamford Health. The lab takes care of blood work from the ER to patient stays, to pre-op surgeries, to a routine physical. For every machine there is a person behind that machine. We take pride in making sure that our machinery is up to date, and that it's state of the art, and that tomorrows even a better day. We're striving to be the best Laboratory. We want to have that patient come to us because we provide the best service to them. If we can make all the patients happy, that's a goal. I work with all aspects of the laboratory, from pathology to regular blood work. And there's three or four different teams, that we have to work with to make sure that the patient comes first, and that the job gets done. We're all compassionate with each other and we work as a team. The hospital's growing, it's a great opportunity to come and work in a family, team oriented, hospital. I think a person can expand on their knowledge coming here, the opportunities are endless.