Veteran Careers

At Sears Auto, we take customer service seriously. And doing what is right for our customers is the only option. We take the time to educate our customers on the work their vehicle needs and leave no question unanswered. We never sell our customers parts and services they don’t need. And we compensate our employees not by how much product they can move, but by how well they uphold our core values and do their job. So if you’re looking to become part of an auto center that really values your skills and ability to provide quality service, consider joining the Sears Auto Center team. 

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Video Transcript:
I left the marine core at the end of 1999, and I had a month of terminal leave to use up to find some work. A friend says “come to Sears with me.” I said I don’ know anything about cars – he says “we’ll train you.” I started as an express tech, I moved up to certified, and then advanced tech, and then eventually when a management position opened I got the position and the rest is kind of history. Transitioning from military life to civilian life can be difficult, and with Sears having an initiative to hire more vets, it is nice to know a company that cares, and there are already stores with veterans in there, so you can work with like-minded people. We also have a lot of veterans in our customer base, which makes your work day nice, and it makes for a good day at work every day. They’ve always got a good story to tell. As a vet we’ve always valued honor and integrity. You want to do what’s right for your customer, you want to do the job right the first time. So the work ethic that you learn in the military really translates well. As a Veteran, I can’t think of another company that’s taken the initiative like Sears is. This is a great place to work.