Technician Careers

At Sears Auto, we take customer service seriously. And doing what is right for our customers is the only option. We take the time to educate our customers on the work their vehicle needs and leave no question unanswered. We never sell our customers parts and services they don’t need. And we compensate our employees not by how much product they can move, but by how well they uphold our core values and do their job. So if you’re looking to become part of an auto center that really values your skills and ability to provide quality service, consider joining the Sears Auto Center team. 

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Video Transcript:
At Sears I am responsible for anything from doing a battery to doing a diagnostic on electrical to figure out why a window won’t go up or why a speaker won’t work – so anything and everything. It’s fun working at Sears because one minute you could be workin on an older American pick-up truck doing a fuel pump, and then the very next car you could be doing a timing belt on an older Japanese car. So, very seldom does it ever get boring. The nice thing working at Sears is that we always have state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology there for us to use. The ability to move up through Sears is endless. As long as you have a will and a desire, you can go and do anything you want to do. Sears has an agreement going on with ASE to help technicians like myself attain more certifications to help advance our career in the automotive field. So, I originally was hired on as an express tech, to change oil and batteries, but then promoted all the way up to a master tech. Between the tools they give me to do my job and the training, I look forward to a long career with Sears. If you’re looking for a job in the automotive field as a technician where it never gets boring, it’s always challenging, then Sears is the place to be.