Newborn Photographer - Success

Mom365 is a newborn baby photography company that has been in business since 1947. As the largest professional newborn photography company in the U.S., Mom365 staffs more than 1,800 professional photographers capturing baby's first portrait right in the hospital. In this video, hear from Liezl and learn what a day in the life of a newborn baby photographer is really like.

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Video Transcript:
I was always the type of person that wanted to be better than the best. Hi! I'm Liezl with Mom365. The most rewarding thing for me would be the uncapped salary that I can make, because each day is a new opportunity for me. What makes me a successful photographer with Mom365 is breathtaking photos, and also sales skills. The company makes it so easy for you. Everything is there. I put the camera on and I'm gonna turn the foot of your bed into a little photo studio. Dealing with the little babies, seeing the beauty and the innocence of each and every one of them, especially when it's the families first born. If grandpa's there, if it's his first grandson, I'm putting him in the photo! Mom365 has all the tools necessary for you to become a successful photographer. Automatically puts in this beautiful slideshow and it makes them cry. They really like that. Those pictures sell. If you're someone who has strong aspirations and really want to thrive to exceed your goals, you would make a great photographer with Mom365.