Mom365 is a newborn baby photography company that has been in business since 1947. As the largest professional newborn photography company in the U.S., Mom365 staffs more than 1,800 professional photographers capturing baby's first portrait right in the hospital. Every baby deserves a beautiful photo, and Mom365 serves to capture those special moments nationwide. Learn more about what it's like to capture these moments as a Mom365 photographer.

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Video Transcript:
Our mission is to capture, celebrate and preserve the families most cherished moments. Little babies with just the little quirks that they do, they make you laugh, they just make you smile. We are really creating a treasured memory for mom that lasts a lifetime. Mom365 is a newborn photography company that's been in business since 1947. As the largest professional newborn photographer company in the U.S. Mom365 employees over 1800 photographers capturing those special moments everyday right in the hospital room. It really is a special blend of skills that our photographers have. Not only are they capturing amazing portraits, they also have to be able to sell them. Every baby deserves a beautiful photo. And it's very important for me to provide that beautiful photo. I feel connected with the families and I know that I'm a part of their family memory forever because they will always remember the day that their newborn took their very first photos. It's a unique environment, the photographer is met with a whole slew of challenges. I'd say it would be a physically demanding job, I mean, it's not like running a marathon or anything, but rarely do I ever have time to sit. There are times when you're waiting for mothers. They do have to feed, they are learning. You're constantly on your feet, you're constantly pushing this cart. There are nurses and lacticians coming in and out of the rooms. You just have to be very patient and respect their family. It is very important for the photographer to get a feel for the room when the first walking in. They need to take command and be in charge but not in a demanding sort of way. As a Mom365 photographer, you have a potential to be that entrepreneur. It's a part-time environment, you're actually running your own mini-business. But it's such a rewarding fact once you actually see those pictures of the photos and you actually make that sale. The ball's in your court. Mom365 has all the tools necessary for you to become successful. We have a lab facility and we also have a call center as well as our back end office of HR and finance here. So everybody is here to support the professional photographers that we have out in the field. It's very easy for them to get a hold of somebody. As a new photographer for Mom365, you can expect to have a very detailed training process. All we need you to bring is an open mind, positive attitude, great customer service skills and a basic set of sales skills. We can teach you the rest. There's no other job like this. Being a Mom365 photographer is a very rewarding experience because you have the opportunity to make a difference with each of the family's that you photo. So come join us.