Ingersoll Rand is a global diversified industrial firm providing innovative products ranging from complete air compressor systems, tools, ARO pumps, material handling systems and more. In this career and recruitment video you will learn about the opportunity and growth available with Ingersoll Rand providing products, services and solutions for customers in a rewarding position in product sales.

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Video Transcript:
To me, progress begins with me. I've got full responsibility for what I would consider a small business unit within Ingersoll Rand. We provide not only air compressors but parts, the service after the sale, rental compressors if the customers need it. I've got a very small group of people these guys and gals are the best of the best. We just want to take care of the customer. Sustainability for Ingersoll Rand is extremely important. We've got a lot of energy efficient products that fit well into what our customers are out there looking for right now. When I sit there and look at Ingersoll Rand and what my career path can be the possibilities are infinite. If I want to step out of the air compressor world I can literally stay within the exact same company and do a whole different type of product sale. I truly believe that you're only going to get out of a career, what you put into it. If you're putting up the numbers, if you're working hard, if you're team player it makes that very easy. I think if I'm a person out there just looking to jump start my career. Ingersoll Rand can afford you all those possibilities and more.